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    Hello! My name is Janick :)
    I am the person behind Nea.
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    NEA coffee bowl



    Back in 2006, as a self-employed graphic designer, I decided to follow my heart's desire by creating and selling modern and minimal jewelry. 

    By 2008, embroidered decor pieces (which I call Wall Wear) were added to the mix, and that propelled Nea into a full-time venture! :)

    Now, so many years into it, I feel as tho I am still evolving: being on a forever challenge to define my style, upgrade my vision, create anew, and mostly, to keep moving forward in creating new and interesting pieces which inspire crushes; crushes for your everyday life.

    Oh, I know that I am not changing the world. But I believe that sometimes, treating oneself (or another) with a handmade item, which was made with love and passion and care, can help us reaffirm powerful and confident feelings -- and then, who knows what else could happen after that! ;)


    Nea is a one person small business.

    I do everything, starting with creating products and photography, but also everything else such as social media, supplies shopping, shipping, website design & upkeep, craftshows, inventories, consignment prep, accounting, and of course production**.

    What that means is that, if you contact me, or comment on my Facebook or Instagram, or visit at craftshows,

    I will be the one who interacts with you 100% of the time.
    One on one, you and me. :)

    ** I outsource around 1% of my production tasks (mainly electroplating metal) to another efficient local self-employed lady. :)

    NEA working

    NEA Orana