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Back in 2006, as a self-employed graphic designer, I decided to follow my heart's desire by creating and selling modern and minimal jewelry. 

By 2008, embroidered decor pieces (which I call Wall Wear) were added to the mix, and that propelled Nea into a full-time venture! :)

Now over 14 years into it, I feel as tho I am still evolving: being on a forever challenge to define my style, upgrade my vision, create anew, and mostly, to keep moving forward in creating new and interesting pieces which inspire crushes; crushes for your everyday life.

Oh, I know that I am not changing the world. But I believe that sometimes, treating oneself (or another) with a handmade item, which was made with love and passion and care, can help us reaffirm powerful and confident feelings -- and then, who knows what else could happen after that! ;)


Nea is a one person small business.

I do everything, starting with creating products and photography, but also everything else such as social media, supplies shopping, shipping, website design & upkeep, craftshows, inventories, consignment prep, accounting, and of course production**.

What that means is that, if you contact me, or comment on my Facebook or Instagram, or visit at craftshows,

I will be the one who interacts with you 100% of the time.
One on one, you and me. :)

** I outsource around 1% of my production tasks (such as sawing, soldering and electroplating metal) to other efficient local self-employed ladies. I don't have enough speed or knowledge to do these things in a sustainable way time and business wise, and so I am glad to outsource these to expert ladies, before the pieces come back to me and I resume the production process. :)


I am 40yo and live in wonderful Montréal (Qc, Canada). However, I am hailing from the Laurentians, more specifically from Morin Heights, where I grew up. My native language is French, but I learned English at a very early age. I often *think* in English at the same time as in French, which can make for weird spoken sentences... Oops! ;)

I've picked up reading in 2015, to try to alleviate my insomnia. It worked! I fell in love with reading, and am now a book freak, without much self-control. lol! Thankfully, I also love to browse independent secondhand bookstores with my boyfriend or alone. I now read every single day.

I also have a passion for anything food! I love to prepare it or cook it (without recipes) or bake it (with recipes lol) or grow veggies on my balcony in the summer, and my specialty is creating something delish from fridge forever alone veggies and forgotten pantry cans, usually salads or pasta. I sometimes take #foodpics (no shame! lol), which you can see on my Instagram. I also adore going to restaurants with friends. Ain't a party person tho...

Other than that, I use lots of exclamation points ! and smiley faces :) I laugh a lot. I like exchanging point of views. I love photography for fun as well as for work. I collect handmade pottery, more specifically cups and mugs. I think I should upgrade to plates soon, cause my cabinet is overflowing with liquid recipients. :D I am a cat-person ^.^ and have difficulty wearing anything but Converse in my feet, love jeans, wearing dresses is a bit of a struggle (getting better...!) I hate the Summer (tooooo hotttt, even in a dress lol), I'm okay with Winter, but I prefer tempered Fall and Spring... I like to watch movies and series I've already seen dozens of times while working, or not working -- it's a disease. lol!

Well, that's enough, I think. lol ;)

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