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  • Agatha Necklace

    This blue lace agate necklace is extra long and stylish. Each chalcedony gemstone point is unique and precious!

    • Blue lace agate slice point **SEE NOTE BELOW
    • Brass folded component, brass rivet
    • Very long brass rolo chain

    Long necklace chain about 40in (102cm) all around.
    Total pendant size depends on length of the stone received.
    The brass part of the pendant is 14mm x 27mm (0.575in x 1.075in)

    **PLEASE NOTE: Each blue lace agate (which is in the quartz stone family) will be unique and different. As you can see in the pictures, they can be shorter or longer, but all will be between 35mm (1.375in) and 55mm (2.175in) long (most are between 35mm and 45mm long). All will have a similar shape as in the pictures. Some have very defined white lacy patterns, some don't. Some have yellow or clear quartz spots and/or texture, some don't. This is normal and to be expected with all natural gemstones, which will make yours unique and OOAK. :)