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  • 29 janvier 2015 2 lire la lecture

    Once upon a time, I used to blog 5 days a week with discoveries of other people's work. At some point, I needed to focus on my own, so I did, blogging pretty much only about mine. Well, perhaps a little balance is in order, right? :)

    I decided to try and do a recurring blog post (Once a month? Twice a month? Every week? Who knows...) about things I find on the web that I think are worthy of espial, of notice... Maybe even of drooling perhaps... Beautiful objects, stunning architecture, interesting reads, inspiring people... Whatever I feel like sharing, basically.

    So, here goes! :)


    These abandoned greenhouses.... WOAH. How beautiful right?! I always had a fascination for greenhouses (my grandmother had one when I was little) and gardening in general, but now I just wanna visit every single one I come across (with my camera, no less), whether it's been left alone for a decade or not. :D

    Via · Nightlife


    These prints of paintings of humans, semi-realistic, semi-abstract. And the texture, the texture!

    Via · Kai Samuels-Davis


    TThese little bowls make me feel in Alice in Wonderland, my fave Disney movie. It's like someone just cut a tea cup to serve half a cup, y'know? ;)

    Via · ONE and MANY


    What is beauty? Who does and how is it defined? As a woman who usually sees things in shades of grey (perhaps too much) rather than black & white, there are so many dimensions and rocks to turn over and explore on this single subject.

    Watch this video for a visual portrayal of how beauty was perceived throughout the last 3000yrs. Also, bring me a Dolorean so I can see what happens if I go to Italian Renaissance or Victorian England. lol

    Via · Hello Giggles


    You should see my own pile of "needs to be cleaned and dried" ziplocs... Or rather, you wont see it, because it's shamefull. lol! Here's a simple (and aesthetically pleasing) solution to an everyday annoying fact: drying washed plastic bags is a pain. Magnets on the back, too!

    Via · Less and More


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