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  • 08 juillet 2017 1 lire la lecture

    A pink drink (watermelon puree + 7up) for a sad and tragic book...

    Yesterday I finished A History of Loneliness by John Boyne. Now the reason I got it in the first place is bit of a mystery. Being an atheist, how would the life and a novel about a priest talk to me? How could I related in any way? Well, I'm glad I got over my first impressions and read it. Boyne is a wonnnnderfulllll storyteller! Truth be told, I had chosen this book because I wanted a slower read (aka got lots of work planned these next weeks and I didn't want to be caught up in a thriller which would make me wanna read instead of work. Well, fail. Haha)

    It's basically the life story of a priest, and altho this is fiction, you can tell a lot of research has been done very well, as far has historical clergy in the world goes, but more precisely in Ireland and Rome. Again, history ain't my forte either, so this goes to show that the story is well manoeuvred and told.

    But more than that, this book is about horrible tragedy, mistakes, denial, innocence, pain, the truth, family ties, I could go on. Powerful and difficult subject matters, told thru the eyes of Father Odran Yates. You side with the narrator all along, but in the end, no one can escape their faults.

    I warmly suggest it! And I just now saw that Boyne has another interesting book coming out in August, so it's now bookmarked for a future read! :)

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