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  • 29 août 2012 2 lire la lecture

    * Si vous préfèrez une version française, par ici!

    As per last time, this recipe has fish. You've guessed it, I'm not much of a meat eater. My everyday food intake is mostly composed of pretty much anything besides red flesh (at home, that is)... But don't despair you carnivores! I am bound to cook the thing for you eventually! I think? lol ;)

    This recipe can really easily be done without the fish, that said. I've done it many times as a veggie dish, too. Very delicious either way!

    As for the rice, it can be skipped as well, for those of you avoiding carbs. A nice green salad on the side can be just as good instead.

    Let's get to it!

    So, this is another simple recipe! Perhaps more an Autumn idea, but I personally eat squash any time of year.

    Cut shallots (or onions) thinly and cook in a pan with a little bit of oil. Once tender, add the pumpkin seed (or pecans, love it for this too) so they'll grill a little as well. Put aside.

    Cut your butternut in small/medium size pieces (I sometimes add some cauliflower too, they go very well together), mix with a little oil, salt & pepper at taste. Spread on a plaque evenly, pop in the oven until cooked.

    Meanwhile, grate your Oka cheese. M'k, so, this is a local Quebec cheese, which I love. It has a pretty strong flavor. Obviously, any melting cheese will do, but I suggest going for a flavorful cheese (and avoiding mild ones like mozzarella, for example). You can't go wrong if it's tasty! A good 3yr cheddar should do fine if nothing else comes to mind!

    Once everything is cooked, gather all cooked ingredients in a casserole, add a can (or two) of tuna, more salt & pepper, mix it up! Add the cheese on top, and back in the oven at broil. Add on top of rice. I used Calrose sushi rice, because I love it for everything and anything, but I have a feeling that it would be yummy (and pretty) over wild rice... Aaaand serve! :)


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