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  • July 19, 2017 2 min read

    I'm two thirds in All Involved by Ryan Gattis. You can see in the pic the premise to the book, to give you an idea of the time and place. Wew! Not a joyful read by any means, but a fluid one however.

    I find his writing skills impressive, it's super smooth and easy to read (for me anyway!). Each chapter is a new narrator, where you get to learn about what's in that character's brain for a couple of hours, each with their own personality, and hence, each with their own language of thought, and each with variations in the writing style. Must have been quite a puzzle to write!

    Since each narrator comes up only once, you get to learn, over the events of 6 days, what happens to the early ones thru the later ones. Everything is like dominos in this book: someone knows someone who knows someone else, every person impacts the course of the story in his own way. It is dark, and most of the characters have not much else to loose at that point in the story, but you totally care for them thru their weaknesses.

    I think I chose this book at this time because I've also been watching the 5 part documentary "O.J.: Made in America". I thought I'd just try the 1st episode while working and not paying that much attention (I like background noise when I work!), since I don't care about football at all and I think he's an asshole, lol, but wow, the documentary is so interesting! See, it does talk about the guy, yes, but however it is parallel to what was happening socially at the same time, including the Rodney King story. Quite fascinating! No wonder ESPN won an Academy Award for it! I will watch episode 4 soon, and the fifth and last one airs next week.

    On those dark notes, still have a nice evening y'all! ;)

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