March 22, 2017


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· PERCH, coming soon!

Since the beginning of 2017, I've been brewing a completely new product line. I think they make a perfect complement to current Nea items, and am really excited about them! :) Four different styles, a couple of color, even ombré gradients. Stay tuned! They will be available soon! :)


Depuis le début de 2017, je travaille à créer une toute nouvelle gamme de produits. Je crois qu'ils sont le complément parfait aux items existants, et je suis super palpitée! :) Quatre différents modèles, quelques couleurs, même des dégradés. Restez à l'affût! Ils seront disponible sous peu! :)

November 27, 2016

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· Free December 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free December 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello dear!

Well, the year is now soon coming to a close. Leaves have fallen, Xmas bells are making their appearance... And altho I never really have decorations, I usually make a point of going to get a discarded branch from the guy who sells trees, just to make a few needle bouquets. They smell SO nice don't they? :)

Siri Necklace

The item to be featured in the last calendar, December, is another brand new piece called the Siri Necklace. If you want to know how and why I chose this precise name, head over here! ;)

Thank you to all of you who downloaded one or many, of my 11 calendars! (Well yeah not 12. I had the idea in February, so... hehe) And one last time, please do add this one too on your Pinterest! :)

Time to scroll down to download December, in English or French!



Eh bien, la fin de l'année arrive déjà! Les feuilles sont au sol, les grelots font leur apparition... Et même si je ne pose jamais de décorations, je fini toujours par aller chercher une branche rejetée chez le marchand de sapins, afin de m'en faire quelques bouquets d'aiguilles! Ça sent juste tellement bon!! :)

Collier Siri

L'item mis en vedette pour le dernier calendrier, ce décembre, est un autre tout nouveau, le collier Siri. Si vous vous demandez pourquoi j'ai précisément choisi ce nom pour ce morceau, allez voir par ici! ;)

Merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont téléchargé un ou plusierus de mes 11 calendriers! (En effet, ce n'est pas 12, ayant eu l'idée en février!) Et pour une dernière fois, SVP prenez une petite minute pour ajouter ce dernier à votre Pinterest! :)

Allez plus bas pour télécharger décembre 2016, en français ou anglais! ;)


Free December 2016 Desktop Calendar

In English:

1920x1080 (16:9 ratio)
1680x1050 (4:3 ratio)

GRATUIT calendrier d'écran décembre 2016

En français:

1920x1080 (ratio 16:9)
1680x1050 (ratio 4:3)

November 24, 2016


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· How to Read 21 Books in a Year, Part 2 of 3

How I read 21 books in a year + THRILLERS book review

-> Also check out: Part 1

Part 2 is all about thrillers!
(To be fair, this category includes thrillers, crime novels and suspense stories.)

MY FAVE!!! It seems I get TOTALLY wrapped in these (sometimes unrealistic) stories, to the point of having to battle with myself as to what I'm supposed to be doing instead of reading. It's a struggle, I tell ya! lol!

Also, I think it would be important to say that these do not help shorten the duration of my "nighttime routine", as I talked about previously. But... Ah! I enjoy them SO DAMN MUCH that I seldom care, honestly. :D

Below, my short reviews of 9 books from 7 authors!

The Thrillers

9 thrillers book review

Defending Jacob, William Landay

I'm beginning with my favorite of them all, and the only court procedural in the bunch. I'm pretty sure it's the first of this genre I've read. Ever. It could have been complicated or laborious to read, but it truly was written smoothly. It is a couple hundred pages of "did he or did he not" — "he" being Jacob, the son of father Andy, also an attorney — but it goes deep in the psychological point of view of both parents and the son, which was perfect for my taste. Give me a suspenseful plot + psychology and I'm there!

I'm unsure why precisely, but I still think about this book over 6 months later. No spoilers, don't worry, but perhaps it was the ending, which I found really satisfying (in a non cheesy way) as far a tying loose ends goes. I don't mind a little unknown at the end, but too much and I feel tricked by the author somehow. Perhaps it was also the right/wrong dilemmas in this books that made it very compelling... As you can guess, I REALLY recommend it! :D (I read somewhere that a movie from this book is supposed to come out in 2018. I might have to see it!)

Mission Flats, William Landay

After reading Defending Jacob, I had to check out Landay's other books. He did write two others before that, and so I read Mission Flats soon after. This one is more a classic police investigation taking place in Boston and Maine. You can tell Landay truly loves Boston (same as his other book, The Strangler). It took me about 100 pages to really get into it, map out all the characters in my head like on a map, but when I got attached to the plot, I was hooked! And it did keep me guessing.

Since this "year of reading", I have also read The Strangler, which was my least favorite of the three. Landay is apparently working on a new novel, and I hope the new one will go in the general direction of Defending Jacob, his latest, in which I think he found the "it" he was most likely looking for in the two previous ones. ;)

Dark Places, Gillian Flynn

OH MY GAWD, this was delicious! Like a creamy cheese cake with a wonderfully fruity coulis on top....... haha! It was my first read of Flynn (can you believe it?), altho I've since read Gone Girl as well. And I REALLY want to read Sharp Objects soon. I think this tells a lot in very few words, right? I don't want to say much for fear of spoiling you, but I can say that to me, the characters were believable (in the way that they have qualities but also a lot of flaws, like pretty much actual people) and I didn't end up precisely predicting the outcome of the plot. What a fast paced exhilarating read! If you like imperfect main characters, this book is perfect for you! I think I need to see the movie version (with Charlize Theron) too!

The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

This one truly needs no presentation, I'm sure. The movie was released recently, so you probably have an idea of the story line thru the preview.

I've read quite a few negative comments on the web about the main voice of the book, Rachel, mostly because she is not a very likeable one. Which is overall true, I guess: she drinks a lot, she blacks out, she lies, and her life is pretty much a mess. But then again, unreliable and flawed characters are kinda endearing to me. Am I weird? lol

So anyway, it is a very fast paced one, told from 3 female voices within the time frame of about a year, from a bit of a "dear diary" perspective. The mystery grabbed me instantly and I never let go until the end! I didn't precisely guess the ending, altho I also kinda did. Isn't that what the fun is about in thrillers and mysteries? You guess, and guess again, and change your mind, and stick to your instinct, or not... For me, that's what it's about, and not necessarily about if I've guessed right or not. And so, once again, I LOVED this one! (Yeah, I know, I'm a totally easy-to-please reader. And I'm okay with that. lol)

The Widow, Fiona Barton

I read this one right after The Girl on the Train. I chose it because I wanted to read another with a mystery vibe, but in a more relaxed version. The main character is Jean, and you've guessed it, she is the actual widow. The widow of a man suspected of a crime long ago, but who was never convicted of anything. She basically adjusted her personality to stand by him, hiding her true self. But after her husband dies, she's a bit torn between her real self and the persona she's put on over the years. I really enjoyed the main character, with her imperfections and repressed anger, battling internally with who she was and who she really is.

The book is divided from the perspectives of the widow, the detective and the reporter, but it is also spread between the past and the present (as in, the dates are written before each new chapter). I love this kind of format! The pace was good and steady, but not frantic. I recommend!

The Life We Bury, Allen Eskens

It's been quite a while since I read this one. I got it because of all the rave reviews online, and I wasn't disappointed! In a jiff: for a school project, Joe Talbert meets Carl Iverson, a dying Vietnam veteran. However, the man is also a convicted rapist and murderer. I was a little worried the "war stories" parts of the book would not be my cup of tea (it's just not my thing), and altho they weren't my favorite, they still were reported in a way that kept me going, which is probably quite difficult to do well for mostly a crime novel audience. The pace is quick, especially half way in it, at which point I just couldn't put the book down at all. I was so very much under the spell! Eskens' writing is fluid, natural, and the story as a whole really glides along effortlessly. So much so that as soon as I finished it, I immediately purchased this author's second book, as you can see right below! ;)

The Guise of Another, Allen Eskens

And there I was, a couple weeks later, reading Eskens' second novel, also a crime one. Detective Max Rupert, from previous book The Life We Bury, is also in this one, but without much focus on him at all. The focus is actually on his brother James, which I found more likeable and enjoyable as company on a journey of 265 pages. Also a detective, James is, I guess you could say, being punished by the department by being reassigned to the Fraud Unit for an event that happened previously, and which we learn about slowly throughout the book. The main subject isn't about that tho: a man dies, but he had a false identity — why? The book is secondly told thru the eyes of Drago Basta, a ruthless Balkan wars veteran. I found this different point of view raw (in a good way) and it absolutely enhanced the overall story.

Overall, for me, it's a tied race between the two novels. Eskens' writing seems once again effortless. Which means I want to soon read his third novel called The Heavens May Fall (two of the characters from The Life We Bury are back), which was just launched this October. YAY! :D Eskens seems to be going the route of a series of stories... Let's see if I'll follow along the path! As for now, I'm on the right track! ;)

The Husband's Secret, Liane Moriarty

My first Moriarty read! The title says it, it's all about the husband's secret. It is told from a couple of character's point of views, past and present. As I wrote earlier, I really love this format, so I was happy when I started reading and discovered this. However, I found there were quite a lot of secondary characters, and it took me a while to mentally piece together who was what to whom — at first, I kept going back to check "did I actually read about his person yet"? Bare with me, I didn't read this in one sitting, not even in a week, as I was working a lot at the time, reading only before bed. Ayyway, the "going back to check" did not get me annoyed about the book, far from it! The story tangles up in many way, with many characters, and so it was sort of like a relational puzzle.

This is for sure a psychological thriller, and I truly enjoyed "being in the head of" the women who narrate. They were imperfect, and I can only conclude that I seem to find this important in most characters. In conclusion, I will definitely read more from Moriarty in the future! Probably Little Big Lies which has some rave reviews in it's favor. To be followed... ;)

I Let You Go, Clare Mackintosh

Another psychological thriller! And another one told from different perspectives! Can you see a trend in my preferences? lol :D

The back of the (paperback) book qualifies it as "atmospheric", and I would have to agree. There's the city side, and then there's the sea coast country. About half way thru, there's a killer twist I didn't see coming, and even tho I was already into it previously, it really got me addicted. I enjoyed the characters, with their obvious flaws and strengths. Yes, many flaws, again. I can't seem to wrap my head around the interest in too-perfect-and-shiny people. In life just as in books. lol! Also, the sea side setting was like a character in itself, a nice change from most of the other thrillers I read that occur in the city.

Mackintosh has now written another novel called I See You, which has been released in the UK and the US since this summer, and was planned for Canada in February. But YAY, they pushed it forward to next week (Nov 29th 2016)! I'm sure it'll make my 2017 cut! ;)


Well that's it for the thriller portion of this 3 part blog post! As you can now see, I LOVED THEM ALL, which is why it was quite easy to realize it's my favorite overall genre. -> Also check out: Part 1 "The Humorous".

• Did you read any of these yourself?
• Is there one in particular that you're itching to read now?
• Have any suggestions of crime/suspense/mystery/thrillers for me?

Please do tell!! I'll gladly read your input in the comments below! :)

November 09, 2016


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· How I Read 21 Books in a Year, Part 1 of 3

How I read 21 books in a year + book review

Hello there! :)

Here's the story of how I went from reading (not even) a book a year to over 20. It's a story of insomnia, routine, relief, and a growing obsession. This will also include a 3 part non-expert book review! :D

Summer of 2015. Intense frustration. My insomnia was as bad as ever, three nights out of four, staying unwillingly awake 2-3-4 extra hours, tossing and turning, the palpable frustration building as minutes ticked by. Hours, hours, hours before being able to shut my eyes finally, and swim blissfully into unconsciousness. With the crazy double-hours busy Holiday season coming closer and closer, I needed to find a solution, and quick. A solution that would not piss me off, that would not make me drowsy the next day (no pills, thanks.), a solution that I would WANT to keep up.

One August day, I went at my friend Melanie's for afternoon chat and tea (and a cat presence dose). As I was out the door, my eyes wandered to her library. Now, this is kinda a strange in itself, because remember, I am (was) not a reader. I'd read basically mostly one author, Paul Auster, because he mostly writes as quick as I read, something like a book a year. So... No idea why, but a particular book spine jumped out at me. It was This is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper.

This book, with it's understated but intriguing title, with it's spine full of colorful letters, grabbed my attention and I picked it up. Melanie went on about how it had been a great entertaining read, with funny and fluid writing, and offered to lend it to me. I didn't know it yet, but it was the answer I was looking for. I wasn't thinking it would help me go to deep sleep faster, I just thought it might help diminish my frustration of being awake, and thus, maybe, perhaps, hopefully, shave off an hour of insomnia. Well, it just happens that — I guess this is logical, but to me it sounded like a myth — reading tires you out. First night, one hour shaved. Second night, 2 hours shaved. By the fourth night, I was sleeping in under half an hour. And sleeping hard, too, waking up energized and everything!

On the tenth day, insomnia crept back. So I then started installing a simple routine: on hour before bed, watch low-brain-activity TV, drink herbal tea. Then, in the bedroom, place the book on the bed, open the small light and close the big one, glass of water. Go brush teeth AFTER all this (why? I have no idea, it seemed right, and I still do this to this day. lol) Come back to the bedroom, prop some pillows, and read.

But mostly, I have an extra very strict rule: DO NOT look a the clock. Read. Simply read more if you're not falling asleep. Get lost in the book. Read as much as you can. Read until your mind goes blank. Read until your eyelids can barely keep themselves up. Then I would force myself to read some more, until once again my eyelids couldn't stay open. DO NOT LOOK AT THE TIME! Because see, the clock only awakened my frustration. The more I was aware of the minutes passing by, the less I'd sleep. So why even look at it? I figured that even if I ended up reading for 2-3 hours, at least the frustration would not be part of the deal, and in the end, once I did sleep, I would sleep more soundly anyway.

We are now well over a year — and 25 books — later, and it's still going well. I'd say insomnia pops back it's ugly head about once every two weeks, which is such a HUGE improvement. Even when it does come around, I'm so much more relaxed about nighttime altogether, and so it's never as worse as before.

What is great too is that reading is now part of my life. I have found a new passion (obsession), something I enjoy doing that doesn't involve my work at all, which is quite rare for me to find. I can't help myself from buying books, mostly secondhand. In the past few weeks, there were a lot of Fall secondhand sales around Montreal, and I went crazy. Something like 25 "new" books entered my library, for around $60 (what a steal!!!). A lot of thrillers/crime/suspense (my favorite, I've discovered), but also many diverse non-fiction and literary novels.

I love to hold the object of pages in my hands. Even the books I sorta appreciated are still dear to my heart — it takes skill, patience, determination, and  creativity to write, and that is precious. Also, public transportation has become much less laborious. I also enjoy talking about them with my boyfriend - who reads very different kinds of books, but who's interested anyway. I am happy to have found reading, and happy that reading found me, too.

Now, on to the books!


I've separated my 21 reads into 3 global categories — The humorous, and then the thrillers (included are crime and suspense novels), and finally, the literary (basically all the other genres mixed together). I am very aware that these categories are quite large, and that genres are more complex than this, just as for music. However, I wanted to group them for the benefit of blogging clearly, and I simply bundled up the genres that bring similar emotions to me as I read.

*Please note that I won't really be giving you complete resumés of the books, since those can be found super easily online. I prefer simply sharing my global impressions of them. I'm no pro — just a regular reader, like you. I don't plan on spoiling you either (if ever some comments *might* do so, I'll say so beforehand). Also, I was NOT asked to give reviews for these, and all the books were acquired by my own means.

The Humorous

Book review: humor

I've read only 3 books in this category, because I find myself being a little bit more demanding as far as humor goes. It seems — I am still discovering my reading preferences — that just as in life, I enjoy more subtle, sarcastic, dry and witty humor in books. For some reason, I seem to have more difficulty finding those...

This is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper
This is the first book I read during that year (it's the one I stated earlier). The humor throughout the book is dry, and I absolutely loved it! We see grief (about his father's passing and his home life situation) in the eyes of Judd. I went to read a couple of online reviews before starting it, and a lot of men wrote that this character's thoughts and emotions were very similar to those they truly have. And so, I found it quite insightful as well as entertaining. I think this might be one of those "LOVE or HATE" books. So try it, and see if this is to your liking as well!

How to Talk to a Widower, by Jonathan Tropper
I remember that I was reading this during Xmas break. Isn't it funny that sometimes you can remember what was going on in your life when you were jumping into a specific book? I truly appreciated this other novel about grief (a recurring theme for Tropper), altho I would suggest the previous one first, if you have to choose.

A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman
This Swedish book, translated to English, was a nice surprise! You can't help but be a little annoyed with Ove's attitude towards life (and people) at first, but then without quite noticing the shift, he begins pulling at your heart strings every new chapter! I sometimes "felt the translation" (or was it conscious stylistic translation choices?), but it wasn't so strong as to disturb my attention away from the story. I suggest it as a light and fun read!

What humorous reads have you enjoyed? Feel free to drop suggestions in the comment box below! :)

In part 2, it'll be all about thrillers, crime novels, and suspense stories — 9 of them.
Stay tuned. Very soon! :D



· Free November 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free November 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello you!

Can you tell I loooOOooove Autumn? These stunning red leaves in the calendar are just so saturated in color, right? This month's visual might not be unpredictable, but just the same, I just love how it turned out. :)

Unity Earrings

The chosen product to be featured in November is the all brand new Unity Earrings! I've been wearing mine a lot over the past month of creating them. They are sooo versatile in their simplicity, shape and color tones, they are truly perfect for everyday life!

Now, time to scroll down to download, in English or French!

If you like these calendars, please add them to your Pinterest! :)



Est-il évident que j'adoooOOooore l'automne? Ces superbes feuilles rouges sont sublimement saturées en pigment de couleur, pas vrai? Le visuel de ce mois-ci n'est peut-être pas très imprévisible, mais vraiment, le résultat final me plaît énormément! :)

Unity Earrings

Le produit choisi pour le mois de novembre: les boucles d'oreilles Unity! Je porte les miennes souvent depuis un mois, depuis leur création. Elles sont tellement versatiles dans leur simplicité, leur forme et leurs tons de couleurs neutres. Parfaites pour la vie de tous les jours!

Descendez plus bas pour télécharger novembre 2016, en français ou anglais! ;)

Si vous aimez les calendriers, ajoutez-les à Pinterest! :)


Free November 2016 Desktop Calendar

In English:

1920x1080 (16:9 ratio)
1680x1050 (4:3 ratio)

GRATUIT calendrier d'écran Novembre 2016

En français:

1920x1080 (ratio 16:9)
1680x1050 (ratio 4:3)

September 28, 2016


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· Free October 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free October 2016 Desktop Calendar


FINALLY it's Fall!!! My favorite season! Altho unfortunately, it is also my most busy time of the year, so I kinda miss most of the joys of it... Either way, I'm still glad summer is over and out! ;)

Cumulus Necklace

Featured in October, the Cumulus Necklace, a favorite of many of y'all. Made of hand brushed AND hand hammered brass, this long necklace is perfect for anyone who likes cloudy days, or enjoys day dreaming! ;)

Time to scroll down to download October 2016, in English or French!

If you like the calendar, please do add it to your Pinterest to share the love!!



ENFIN l'automne!!! Ma saison préférée! Malheureusement, c'est aussi mon temps de l'année le plus occupé, et donc je manque beaucoup des choses qui me plaisent tant... Mais peu importe, je suis tout de même vraiment contente que l'été soit terminé! ;)

En vedette en octobre, le Collier Cumulus, un préféré de beaucoup d'entre vous. Fait de laiton brossé ET martelé à la main, ce long collier est parfait pour toutes celles qui aiment les journées ennuagées, ou celles qui aiment être dans les nuages! ;)

Descendez plus bas pour télécharger octobre 2016, en français ou anglais! ;)

Si vous aimez le calendrier, ajoutez-le à Pinterest!

Free October 2016 Desktop Calendar

In English:

1920x1080 (16:9 ratio)
1680x1050 (4:3 ratio)

GRATUIT calendrier d'écran Octobre 2016

En français:

1920x1080 (ratio 16:9)
1680x1050 (ratio 4:3)

September 07, 2016


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· Meet: Sarah

Version française plus bas! :)


Since the year 2016 began, you probably noticed that all my news items, and a lot of the previous ones, are now shown on a lovely model.

Her name is Sarah! I was doing the Souk@Sat craft show last Xmas season, and she was a visitor. I felt weird about asking someone I had never even met before to be a model for me... But I just told myself JUST DO IT, because I thought she was perfect for it! I left her my card and hoped...

After a couple of days thinking about it, she emailed me to tell me she accepted! YAY!

We did a very simple (just us two), but intense (5 hours time/limited winter light/huge number of items) photo shoot last winter, and the pictures you see sprouted from that day. They are not fancy, more like demonstrative, but that is what I truly needed. I'm truly happy about them! Thank you Sarah for that great day! :)

So voilà! Read along to know a little more about Sarah!

PROFESSION: Long-term traveler. Previously, I was in charge of development for an association of hearing impaired kids.
AGE: 32
CITY: Montreal
LANGUAGES: French, English and y un poco de Español.

- Humor
- Love
- Food
- My pillow
- Music and going to the movies

Traveling, going away, discovering, and coming back!
Going out, dancing, laughing, eating, drinking too much, going to the movies, and jumping in dark concert venues.
Walking around, pedal, swim, and buy fruits and veggies from the farmer's market.


Depuis le début de 2016, vous avez probablement remarqué que tous mes nouveaux produits, et plusieurs des modèles précédents, sont aussi vus sur une jolie modèle.

Son nom est Sarah! J'étais présente au Souk@Sat à la dernière saison de Noël, et elle était visiteuse. Il me semblait un peu étrange d'approcher quelqu'un que je n'avais jamais rencontré avant afin de lui demander si elle voulait poser pour moi... Mais je me suis finalement dis FAIS-LE, car je pensais qu'elle serait parfaite! Je suis ai donné ma carte, et j'ai espéré...
Quelques jours de réflexion plus tard, elle m'envoya un courriel afin d'accepter! YOUPPI!

Nous avons fait une très simple (seulement nous deux), mais intense (5 heures/lumière limitée d'hiver/un très grand nombre d'items) session photo l'hiver dernier, et les photos sont le résultat de cette journée. Elles ne sont pas compliquées, mais plutôt démonstratives, car c'est ce dont j'avais réellement besoin. Je suis bien contente du résultat! Merci Sarah pour cette super journée! :)

Alors voilà! Lisez la suite pour en savoir un peu plus sur Sarah!

PROFESSION: Voyageuse longue durée :) Ex-chargée de développement pour une association d'enfants malentendants.
ÂGE: 32
VILLE: Montréal
LANGUES: Français, Anglais y un poco de espanol

- l'humour
- l'amour
- la bouffe
- mon oreiller
- la musique et le ciné

Voyager, partir, découvrir et revenir!
Sortir, danser, rire, manger, m'enivrer, aller au ciné et sauter dans des salles de concerts mal éclairées.
Me balader, pédaler, nager et acheter des fruits et légumes sur le marché.

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· Free September 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free September 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello there!

Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with me for Nea's 10th anniversary sale in the last two weeks! Y'all are totally AWESOME!!! :D

It's now September, and so I chose a beet leaf as a prop for the calendar this month. I adoreee this veggie (this leaf is actually from my balcony), and those purple and green colors mixed together seemed like the perfect nature element for the biggest gardening harvest month!

Padma Earrings

Featured, the brand new Padma Earrings, one of the summer's new items! Because all the other new jewelry pieces are geometric inspired, I also wanted one that was more organic and nature inspired. These are really lightweight, even tho they absolutely fit in the "statement jewelry" arena. Already sold a couple of pairs since launching them, so they might just to be an instant hit! :D

Time to scroll down to download September 2016, in English or French!

If you like the calendar, please do add it to your Pinterest to share the love!!



Merci énormément à toutes celles qui ont célébré avec moi le 10e anniversaire de Nea dans les deux dernières semaine lors de ma vente! Vous êtes SUPER!!! :D

Nous sommes maintenant en septembre, et j'ai choisi une feuille géante de bettrave comme "accessoire visuel" pour le calendrier. J'adoreeee ce légume (la feuille vient d'ailleurs de mon balcon), et je trouvais que les couleurs de violet et de vert étaient parfaites pour le plus gros mois des récoltes de jardinage!

En vedette, les nouvelles boucles Padma, une de mes nouveautés de l'été. Comme tous les autres nouveaux bijoux étaient d'inspiration géométrique, j'ai voulu créer une extra pièce plus organique et inspirée de la nature. Ces boucles sont vraiment légères, même si elles feront tourner les têtes par leur grosseur impressionnante. Déjà quelques paires se sont vendues depuis leur dévoilement, elles seront peut-être bien un succès instantanné!

Voilà! Descendez plus bas pour télécharger septembre 2016, en français ou anglais! ;)

Si vous aimez le calendrier, ajoutez-le à Pinterest!

Free September 2016 Desktop Calendar

In English:

1920x1080 (16:9 ratio)
1680x1050 (4:3 ratio)

GRATUIT calendrier d'écran Septembre 2016

En français:

1920x1080 (ratio 16:9)
1680x1050 (ratio 4:3)


· Free August 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free August 2016 Desktop Calendar

AUGUST! In 2016! 

August 2016 marks Nea's 10th year of existence. TEN! That sounds just totally crazy right now, I have to admit! But, YAY! :)

Seems like not that long ago I opened an Etsy Shop, and got my first sale a few days later. Those first sales were such a precious natural high! Total excitement it was!

Now, 10 years later, each sale is more of a grateful and loving feeling, which are just as wonderful feelings as excitement.

This month, no nature element in this month's calendar, just GOLDEN CONFETTI! 10 years happens only once, right? :D

Featured, the all brand new Megan Necklace, which is the first of a couple of big statement pieces I'm about to launch. I really let myself creatively go and explored a bolder version of minimalism, a visual BANG! Are you game? ;)

Stay tuned in the next 2 weeks for the other new statement jewelry pieces, and make sure to receive my newsletter... There might just be a surprise in there for you very soon! ;)

Like the calendar? Please add it to your Pinterest to share the love, it's a wonderful way to send your support!

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AOÛT! En 2016! 

Août 2016 marque les 10 ans d'existance de Nea. DIX! Ça sonne complètement fou en ce moment, je dois avouer! Mais, YOUPPI! :)

J'ai l'impression qu'il y a si peu de temps j'ouvrais ma boutique en ligne sur Etsy, et que ma première vente a suivi quelques jours plus tard. Ces premières ventes furent tellement un état d'euphorie naturel! Une palpitation extrême!

Maintenant, 10 ans plus tard, chaque vente amène un sentiment qui ressemble d'avantage à un sentiment de reconnaissance et d'amour, ce qui sont à mon avis d'aussi beaux sentiments que le précédent.

Ce mois-ci, pas d'élément de la nature dans le calendrier, seulement des CONFÉTIS DORÉS! Fêter 10 ans, c'est juste une fois! :D

En vedette, le tout nouveau collier Megan, qui est d'ailleurs le premier à être révélé d'une petite collection de gros bijoux qui feront tourner les têtes! Je me suis laissée aller créativement avec ces bijoux, en explorant une version plus audacieuse du minimalisme, du BANG visuel! Oserez-vous? ;)

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Free August 2016 Desktop Calendar

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· Free July 2016 Desktop Calendar!

Free July 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hellooo! :)

Well, it's July now! Half a year already. On one side, we can garden (and even start savouring our harvest), but on the other, it's also my time to spill the occasional rant about the annoying heat........ lol ;) Anyway, let's stick to the fresh veggie eating, because that's just a much healthier behavior :P

And so I HAD TO include more edibles in this month's free desktop calendar! Bruschetta, anyone? :D

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This month's featured earrings are the Sekai Earrings. These big (yet delicate) hoops are unique with their triangle inspired shape. Lightweight, their cool hammered copper texture fits perfectly with the silver plated color of big tubes. What ya think? ;)

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Allôôô! :)

Eh bien, c'est maintenant juillet! Une demie année déjà. D'un côté, nous pouvons jardiner (et même commencer à savourer nos récoltes), mais de l'autre, c'est aussi le temps de l'année où j'ai quelques montées de mauvaise humeur par rapport à la chaleur insupportable....... haha ;) Cela dit, focussons sur la dégustation de légumes frais, c'est juste plus sain :P

Et donc, il me FALLAIT inclure d'autres comestibles ce mois-ci dans le calendrier fond d'écran gratuit! :) Bruschetta, quelqu'un? :D

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Le bijou en vedette ce mois-ci sont les boucles d'oreilles Sekai. Ces grandes (mais délicates) anneaux ont un look unique avec leur inspiration à forme triangulaire. Légères, leur texture de cuivre martelée s'agence parfaitement avec la couleur argentée des tubes. Qu'en pensez-vous? :)

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Free July 2016 Desktop Calendar

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