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    Norah Earbud Chain

      Say goodbye to missing wireless earbuds with this modern earphone lanyard featuring a brass leaves and white enamel design! Keep your bluetooth ear pods handy and safe by gently wiggling them in the silicone holders, adding the chain around your neck, and off you go!

      • Leaf brass chain
      • White enamel brass chain
      • Round brass components
      • Small gold plated chain
      • Silicone magnetic earbud holders - your choice of WHITE or BLACK.

      Around 37in (94cm) from one end of the chain to the next.
      (Can be made shorter if you prefer! Simply contact me and we can arrange that quickly!) :)

      • Indeed fits THE most popular brand of earpods that I can't precisely name because it's a trademark and I'm not risking it. lol! But if you're unsure, do send me a message to confirm :)
      • As for other brands, please measure your earbud's stem: this fits stems that are 0.25in (6mm) thick.
      • Earphones NOT included.

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