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  • August 29, 2013 2 min read 3 Comments


    Recently (ok, OKAY, many weeks ago already...), I learned about the Mural Festival here in Montreal, and thought right away about my friend Pierre and how we'd been saying we should do a photo day together since we first met many months earlier. Perfect opportunity right?!

    Now, this is also a tad intimidating for me, since Pierre's actually a freelance photographer. As in full-time job. I mean, the dude lives for and from his camera, he's super talented, and here I am wanting to "mesure up"? Huhhhh, I don't think so. lol!

    Sooo, I put that scary thought way far in my mind, and went in with my usual approach for photodays, which I would qualify more as fascination. It really does fascinate me that two people can go at the same spot, at the exact same time, and come up with such different results. The eye doesn't see the same from a person to the next, nor does the connections in each brain follow the same route. (And nor does our photography and life experiences, nor gear, match. lol) Our end results clearly shows all of that!

    That goes to prove one of my favorite mottos: everyone is different, and also same. Sure, generalization can be useful to explain a point or theory, but fact of the matter is, we are unicity.

    Anyway! Back to the main subject... Mural Festival. It was a street art event that was held on St-Laurent street in June, so I'm kinda later for this post. But then again, two positives: 1- those big murals are still there yo. ;) and 2- Pierre was quick publishing his shots on his blog, so it balances out my tardiness... Doesn't it...? Maybe...? No...? Ah... Alrighty then. lol!

    Here we go for mine! (Feel free to click to see bigger versions.)

    IMG_2370-web IMG_2384-web IMG_2385-web

    Oops, wasn't I there for Mural? ... As you can see, I must admit I felt myself kinda fighting against my natural photography instincts. I tend to go macro, nature or architecture when I'm out with my camera. SO, I sometimes had to "force myself" to explore that for what I was there. There is hope, cause I was able to do a little of it... The talent of some people, I tell ya! Wowsa!

    IMG_2394-web IMG_2372-web IMG_2391-web IMG_2380-web IMG_2393-web IMG_2436-web IMG_2410-web IMG_2402-web IMG_2433-web

    Aaaaaand back to regular macro/nature/architecture programming... lol! (And, do note the lack of one single portrait, compared to tons of them captured thru Pierre's eyes! I really DO like humans, I swear. lol)

    IMG_2388-web IMG_2403-web IMG_2412-web IMG_2414-web IMG_2418-web IMG_2422-web IMG_2426-web

    Well there it is! :) To end, two last pictures, showing HOW MUCH my camera needs a well deserved cleaning after over 7yrs of service. See all those dots?! Yeah. In a busy image, they don't show, but in skies, it's a pain. Used to be only 2-3, so it was easy to clean up in Photoshop, but now they are allll overrrr and it's driving me nutsssss! I just need to GO DO IT...

    IMG_2413-web IMG_2428-web


    3 Responses


    October 26, 2014

    A way to say thank you for inspiring us through your works :)

    Keep up the good work!


    October 26, 2014

    By all means :D .. thank you too for acknowledging my message, lots of hugs!

    Keep up the good work! :D


    October 26, 2014

    Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words Ann!! You are very sweet! :)
    I’m so glad you love the blog, even if I have blogged less recently. Thank you for sticking around! :)

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