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  • June 19, 2017 2 min read

    So tonight, I just might change your life. Well, your kitchen life anyway, if you love crispy fresh oven bread, and if Martha Stewart hasn't thought this to you already. Because this is one of her tips. HER BEST TIP EVER. And yes, it's a bread hack, not a recipe. 馃槈

    The life changing info is this: you can easily, in 15 minutes, revive a hardened, or even a frozen, piece of crusty bread. It will smell, and taste, as if it just got out of the oven, I SWEAR. Now, this won't really work on a crouton... But it WILL work on piece a baguette or half a crusty loaf.

    What I do is this: I start the oven at 325, I take out my frozen baguette (I usually buy multiple, especially if on sale, chop 'em up in thirds, and freeze them in a freezer bag). Then you open your tap water. (Yes, you read that right, but trust the process! 馃槈) Then you angle the bread so that the cut part is downward, so as to not wet the inside completely, and then you put the crust under the running water. Quickly, but make sure all the crust is wet.

    Then you put it in the oven, directly on the middle grid. (Martha suggests at 300 and to wait until the oven is at that temperature, but I just put 325 and put it right in without waiting, works the same). Now, start a timer for 12 minutes. When it rings, get it out, check to make sure it's not moist outside anymore (if so, just put it back a couple of extra minutes).

    AND THAT IS IT. It'll taste as if you just baked it yourself, seriously. Crispy on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside. I even tried with a hardened-on-my-counter ciabatta once, worked perfectly too! As long as it has a crusty bread exterior, it'll work!

    So... tell me. When are you gonna try it? 馃槂 Let me know when you do!!

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