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  • Meg Necklace Copper

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      For Nea's 10th anniversary (YAY!), I've created some bold geometric statement earrings and necklaces, while still keeping a minimalist visual aesthetic, such as these Meg Necklaces, available in a 3in or 2in circle.

      • Copper or Brass semi circles (3in/7.5cm or 2in/5cm diameter), brushed finish.
      • Small chain (copper or gold plated)
      • Copper or gold plated jumprings

      Chain mesures around 36in (92cm) all around.

      PLEASE NOTE: The Meg Collection is, most of the time, made to order. Please allow up to a week before it ships.

      CARE TIP: The copper necklaces are all copper, so you can clean them with any product that cleans brass/copper/sterling. The brass ones can also be cleaned with these products, but avoid the chain since they are plated. :)

      2 photos on model / grey sweater
      Photographer: Claudia Morin-Arbour
      Model: Naomi