· The Skinny Jeans - Nea

· The Skinny Jeans

August 21, 2014 5 min read

Not just any skinny jeans. And not as in the style of the jeans. I mean THE skinny jeans: that pair of jeans almost all women decide to keep at some point, despite all logical and practical reasons not to. That pair that you bought when you were at you're skinniest, whatever that size was. That pair that you hope to fit into again, someday.
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· On Working For Free - Nea

· On Working For Free

March 20, 2014 6 min read

I have taken this subject seriously for over a decade. Perhaps because I've been working for myself for 11 years now, always in artistic fields. I'm talking about the idea of "giving free work". This issue seems dominant (and frequent) in professions such as graphic design, photography, illustration, writing, handmade, music...
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· Carrot Top Pesto - Nea

· Carrot Top Pesto

September 20, 2013 1 min read

Recently, I learned that carrot tops (or leaves, rather) are edible. Who knew! Well, obviously, I was left out in the dark on that one. lol! And so I discovered that yummy fact on Cuisinette's blog, when she decided to do a pesto with it. OH MY! Had to try this asap!
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· Mural Festival Photo Day - Nea

· Mural Festival Photo Day

August 29, 2013 2 min read

Recently, I learned about the Mural Festival here in Montreal, and thought right away about my friend Pierre and how we'd been saying we should do a photo day together since we first met many months earlier. Perfect opportunity right?!
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· On Blogging - Nea

· On Blogging

July 29, 2013 3 min read

What the hell is my problem!?! (Great first sentence, don't you think? lol) I have been blogging for 7.5 years now, which included 2 hiatuses. I'm in the 3rd one now, as you can see. Or not see, rather. I am questioning myself a lot these days on the "why that is".

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· On Staying Small - Nea

· On Staying Small

February 06, 2013 4 min read

I was watching an episode of a À la di Stasio in which there was an interview with Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune, a restaurant in Manhattan. I listened with interest, without necessarily being over excited about the discussion, until she talked about being small (30 places in her very popular restaurant), and staying small. By choice.
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· My Indoor Gardening - Nea

· My Indoor Gardening

January 30, 2013 2 min read

It's down right mid-winter and I miss gardening outside already. Sheesh! To compensate, I've been tending to my indoor plants. This is a somewhat new skill I'm trying to acquire, since I've always been much better tending for outdoor greenery (veggies and herbs mostly). I have no idea why, but that always seemed much easier to me.
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· Crusty Bread: Apple & Cheddar & Bacon - Nea

· Crusty Bread: Apple & Cheddar & Bacon

November 12, 2012 3 min read

You're probably thinking that you can't make this bread. Let me stop you right there, wo/man. This recipe is a VERY EASY one, a VERY FORGIVABLE one, and a VERY FLEXIBLE one, too. Meaning: you WILL be able to do it and you WILL be able to do a different flavor, if this one is not to your taste.
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· Pimped Miso Soup - Nea

· Pimped Miso Soup

October 04, 2012 2 min read

This is SUCH a quick and easy recipe idea, believe me. I've literally made this in 10 minutes (besides pictures). The classic soup, as you might know, is composed of just water, miso, wakame (seaweeds) and tofu. Delicious as is, but once in a while I like to make a pimped (aka "deluxe") version.
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· Butternut & Tuna Casserole - Nea

· Butternut & Tuna Casserole

August 29, 2012 2 min read

As per last time, this recipe has fish. This recipe can really easily be done without the fish, that said. I've done it many times as a veggie dish, too. Very delicious either way!
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· Salmon & Quinoa Croquettes - Nea

· Salmon & Quinoa Croquettes

August 29, 2012 2 min read

Please note that I rarely cook with quantities... So the chances of getting precise units from me are very low... I cook by mostly instinct (and sometimes from a recipe research to know more about a basic idea , just like today's croquettes!), and so I suggest you do it also!
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